Native Tapioca Starch

  • Product Specification :
Starch content85% min
Moisture13% max.
Ash0.2% max
Black spot0.2 cc/50g max
PH value5-7
Viscosity600 B.U. min
SO 230 PPM Max.
Whiteness90% Min.

Packing : 20kg,25kg,50kg,850kg
Country of origin : Thailand

Native Potato Starch

  • Product Specification :
AppearanceWhite powder
Moisture20% max.
Ash0.5% max
Viscosity1350 B.U. min
SO 210 PPM Max.
Whiteness93% Min.

Packing : 25KG paper bag
Product origin : Europe

Modified Tapioca Starch

  • Item : Acetylated modified starch, Cross-Linked modified starch, Acetylated – Corsslinked modified starch, Oxidized modified starch, Hydroxypropyl modified starch , Pre-Gel starch

Packing : 25kg paper bag / 850kg jumbo bag
Country of origin : Thailand, China

Modified Potato Starch

  • Item : Acetylated modified starch

Packing : 25KG paper bag
Product of origin : Europe